17 February 2012


I for one am not brilliant at being completely reliant on other people. I get impatient easily, and find myself fidgeting to try and get things done myself, rather than leaving it up to other people.

I therefore find it difficult to always completely rely on God's timing - his plan and his ideas. I find myself wanting answers, and wanting God to conform to my ideas of time-keeping.

For Focus Week planning, I've learnt great lessons about how reliant on God we are for things to happen as we might like them to. There's been many obstacles along the way - difficulties booking rooms, booking speakers, getting money... But all these are obliterated when viewed with the context that it's actually God's Focus Week - not ours.

God's timing sometimes means we're waiting for the eleventh hour to get a room, or to get money for food, but ultimately what I've been slowly realising is that this really shouldn't matter. Seeing as everything we're doing next week is for God and his purposes, we need to be able to trust him to bring everything together in the way he wants it to work. Not that this is easy of course.

It sometimes means scrapping ideas and changing tack, it sometimes means moving locations, it may sometimes mean doing things we really don't want to do. For God to have best use of us, his plans and ours must match - and this means being dependent on God for everything. Let's face it - he could plan a much better Focus Week than we ever could!

A friend of mine pointed me to Psalm 40 this week - fabulous words about waiting patiently on God, and the consequences of doing so. Please remind me of this if you see me stressing out about things outside of our control, and please keep praying that next week would be all about God.

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